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Hang on. The Ghoul Screamer has five switches? Really, five?

Many artists know the pain of an endless hunt for their perfect tone. You buy a pedal and plug in. It sounds amazing. Except for, you want just a little more bass, a slightly fuller body, a more open tone and about “this” much less drive.

So you sell the pedal and keep searching. 

Sounds familiar?

Some people search their whole lives.

And we know how it feels.

Which is why we made the Ghoul: the perfect tool to complete your sonic dreams and create the tone you want.

Read the behind-the-scenes story of how the Ghoul was created.

And that is why we needed not three, not four, but five switches: each of them an essential component in sculpting the perfect tone. One by one, they enhance the defining components of your tone, as you mold the resulting blend with an alchemist’s’ precision.

Craft Your Perfect Tone

The five switches might be overwhelming to some. But hey – standing face to face with a Ghoul is no laughing matter. 

We recommend that you begin by placing all five switches in the “up” position.

In this mode, the Ghoul works as a perfect tube screamer.

But you want more, don’t you?

Listen to how your tone changes as you turn the switches on. One by one, you enhance its bass, highs, body and compression. Can you hear it grow?

This will not only give you total control over the resulting sound but also an intimate knowledge of the components of your tone, making it truly unique, perfectly complementing your signal chain.

Once you’ve found the perfect setting for your Ghoul, keep it there. You now own a totally unique screamer, complete with ghoulish undernotes of a madman’s shriek.

The Ghoul Screamer was engineered to work excellently with any guitar, amp, pedal & pickup setup.

David Karon: We increased a lot of the range of the pots - so, the gain pot has less gain in the minimum for more clean boost and more gain in the maximum. When you have the switches all up, it’s like a traditional 808 with high-end components, and then, when all the switches are down, the bass increases, the overdrive has more bottom-end, the highs widen, it sounds brighter.


The body switch is a mid-enhancer, so it makes it more present. And then the compression switch is like a headroom, so you have three versions of headroom: one being less, two and then three being the most. So, it’s to optimise the pushing of your tubes on your amp.