If you’re interested in selling your great guitar, please let us know. Were always glad to help you move it along to a good home.


 TGS welcomes consignment instruments, we have helped our clients to find buyers for many used guitars, amplifiers, and pedal collections.

TGS has a steady traffic of local customers and a strong online presentation that will get as many shoppers viewing your gear as possible

Our in-store consignment form outlines:

  •     The Selling price
  •     The Payout price to the consignor
  •     Any applicable repair or service costs that are agreed to by the consignor.
  •     Details and specifications on the instrument that our staff need to know in order to knowledgeably advise potential buyers.


We help the consignor establish a realistic resale price-range for the instrument. The final price will depend your on circumstances and how quickly you want to sell your instrument.


We charge a 15% sales commission for consignment instruments.


Our sales are based on in store customer sales and our worldwide online sales and shipping service. We feature new consignments in the “just in” section of our website and on our popular social media platforms

Consignment Payouts

A cheque to the consignor is issued following the sale; we can also put your money towards the sale of an item at our store if you would prefer that.

Questions?   let us know, we will get back to you shortly...