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8 Legendary MESA Cabs, Meticulously Captured Two Ways
The CabClone IR comes with 16 MESA Proprietary Cabinet Impulse Responses loaded into two banks of 8 Presets. BANK A contains 'LIVE' IRs, recorded with Dynamic and Ribbon Microphones. BANK B contains 'STUDIO' IRs recorded with Condenser and Ribbon microphones for the same eight most popular MESA cabinets, appearing in the same order. This allows you to compare the microphone choices by simply flipping the BANK switch between A and B. The 'Factory' loaded cabinet models, BANK A-LIVE and BANK B-STUDIO, are loaded left to right in these 8 Preset Locations:
• 4x12 RECTO STANDARD with Celestion V30s - 8 Ohm
• 4X12 RECTO TRADITIONAL with Celestion V30s - 8Ohm
• 2X12 RECTO HORIZONTAL with Celestion V30s - 16 Ohm
• 1X12 RECTO 1X12 with Celestion C90 - 8 Ohm
• 1X12 THIELE with Celestion C90 - 8 Ohm
• 2X12 LONE STAR with Celestion C90 - 16 Ohm
• 1X12 LONE STAR 23 with Celestion C90 - 8 Ohm
• 1X12 CALIFORNIA TWEED 23 with Jensen Alnico "Blackbird" - 8 Ohm

No Additional Load Box Needed!
The Internal Reactive Load provides an impedance-matched (per your choice at purchase) safe way to forego the Speaker Cabinet or internal speaker (in a Combo) and record Direct and/or send a DI signal silently to a Live (FOH/Monitor) Console.

MIDI Control
MIDI (Program Change) messages are supported and can be used to access the 16 Cabinet Simulations/IRs housed in the two BANKS of 8 Presets via the standard 5-pin MIDI IN connector. A MIDI THRU is provided to pass those program change messages on to other devices in your rig that accommodate midi commands.

This means you can dedicate different Cabinets for each of your preamp/amp sounds. You might choose an Open-Back 2x12 from the LIVE BANK for your Clean sound/Channel, a Closed-Back 4x12 from the LIVE BANK for your Crunch Rhythm sound and a Closed-Back 1x12 from the STUDIO BANK for your Solo sound/Channel. You may want two different Cab Sims on the same sound/Channel for different applications or vibes. For a Bluesy sound in a pushed Clean Channel, you may want a 1x12 Open-Back Ceramic (magnet) speaker for your Rhythm work and a 1x12 Open-Back loaded with an Alnico speaker for your Lead sound. Midi compatibility expands the matchmaking possibilities many-fold and allows these style-appropriate pairings to be accessed instantly from one button on your midi controller.

Third-Party IR Compatibility
Along with the 16 MESA Factory supplied IR Cabinet Simulations, there is ample room to download and save a huge library of third-party IRs within the CabClone IR's processor memory. Once accessed and viewed on your computer as a standard file directory via USB connection, IR Cab Sims can be downloaded and dragged or copied (one for each of the 16 presets), into any of the CabClone's available locations within the two Banks of eight.

• Open System, Third-Party IR Compatibility allows open access to download, store and use your favorite IRs of choice. USB 2.0 A to B connection cable (not included) is required for managing IR file directory.
• Extra 'Cabinet Library' Space for storing additional IR favorites, beyond the 16 factory-loaded Presets, for native access via any USB computer connection
• MIDI IN & THRU provides class-leading control and instant access to switch IRs on the fly to best match your amps voicings
• Two 1/4" Input Jacks (From Amp Speaker Output & Line/Instrument In)
• One 1/4" 'TO SPKR' Live Speaker Cabinet Output Jack (defeats Internal Reactive Load when cable is connected)
• Variable Input Level Control with 3-Bar LED Input Signal Meter
• Variable Output Level Control
• IR Balanced XLR Direct Output (Controlled by the Variable Output Level Control)
• Independent 1/4" +4 Line Level "Dry" Output Jack (Exact signal from amp's speaker output, no IR applied and controlled by the Variable Input Level Control)
• Headphone Output Jack (Controlled by the Variable Output Level Control)
• Phase Switch; Normal (Phase) or Reverse (180⁰)
• Ground Lift Switch
• 18 VDC Power Supply
• Tall Rubber Feet - Allows CabClone IR to sit on top of most amps, clearing the handle
• Dimensions: 7.5" x 6.6" x 4.5" / 19.05cm x 16.8cm x 11.4cm
• Weight: 3.25 lb / 1.5 kg