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The ZVex Vexter Super Hard On is the import version of the ever popular ZVex Super Hard On. Don't let the word import scare you because this pedal comes equipped with the same circuit and premium hand-assembled components as the original Super Hard On. That same old guitar-swinging monkey is on the face of the pedal staring right at you in all his original fury. The only difference id the Vexter Super Hard On has him silk screened on rather than being hand painted, this saves ZVex some time and saves you a bunch of money!

ZVex Vexter Super Hard On

The Original Super Hard On was designed by Zvex to give the player the most potential out of their guitars pickups and the Vexter is right on board. With a super high input impedance (>5 Meg), it refuses any current flow from a guitars pickups allowing for the most magnetic field possible around the strings. This gives you, the player, the sound of a fresh off the line brand new guitar. Finally, when this bad boy is cranked up to the breaking point it sounds more like a classic tube amp rather than literal fuzz.